Creating a landscape that is beautiful and healthy is hard to do. However, we offer irrigation installation and maintenance year-round.

The best way to protect your lawn and your landscape investment is a state of the art irrigation system. Rain in middle Tennessee seems to come all at once or not all.  However, our specialists can create perfectly balanced moisture control systems that adapt to any weather condition. 


Rest at ease knowing a professional is handling the custom design and execution of your irrigation design. After all, professional installation can save you time on an installation yourself. It can also save you money in the long run on your water bills. A good irrigation system is efficient enough to save you on wasteful overwatering.

Rest at ease knowing that your landscape investment is protected by a professional installation. Different planting zones require varying degrees of watering. Therefore, expert consulting will allow us to determine what will work best for your home’s outdoor space.

Irrigation System Design

At Milosi, we will professionally determine what type of system is required for your landscaping. We base this on the type of landscaping, soil type, root depth, and land slope that your property has. We are experts at navigating restrictions and at the design and execution of a system that takes into account your planting and lighting.

System Maintenance

Underground systems often go unnoticed, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t encounter issues with your irrigation. Our expert team of irrigation specialists can maintain and service your system to help avoid malfunctions.

Water Conservation

We employ processes and technology to conserve water. Our team can utilize rain sensors, catchment systems, pressure regulators, and more to conserve.

A professionally installed system is key for protecting your investment in landscaping. Call 615-264-0577 to speak with the professionals at Milosi about irrigation installation.

Let's Grow Beautiful Together