Landscape Design

Landscape Design

At Milosi, we believe good landscape design is both innovative and technical, but an exceptional design is art through nature’s inspiration. It is the foundation for all of our landscaping work.

The possibilities are endless in beautiful Middle Tennessee. Our design process begins with the end in mind. We engineer drainage, irrigation, lighting, hardscapes, and a customized planting plan to grow the outdoor space of your dreams.

Landscape Design Consultation

We start each project with a complimentary landscape design consultation. Here, we meet you on-site to review your needs and assess your property. This is when we gather a sense of your tastes and desires, your preferred maintenance level and budget, and the details of your site.

Landscape Design

Next, our design team will create a plan for your project. Here, we engineer a beautiful design from the ground up. The Milosi landscape design process utilizes our background in draining and grading with our extensive experience creating elite residential and commercial designs.

Our designs showcase the best of Middle Tennessee’s native plants to create a sustainable, thriving landscape right in your backyard. To promote the longevity of your landscape design, we invest our time to assess the draining, grading, moisture levels, soil nutrients and sunlight in your outdoor space so that your plants thrive for years to come.

Creating Your Project Vision

At Milosi, we know that the success of each project depends on our ability to plan ahead. That’s why our design process results in a professional, detailed project vision. We want to protect both the health of your plants and your investment in your landscape.

Our designs are available as 3D renderings when requested. Here, we can provide you with an immersive look into your future outdoor oasis. Once the plan is approved, our landscape architects and installers will make your outdoor dreams become a reality.

We employ a team of architects, horticulturists, and installers who are known region-wide for their skill, craftsmanship, reliability and attention to customer care. If you’re searching for the right team to handle landscape design on your property, contact us today.

A Complete List of Landscape Design Services

At Milosi, we provide professional landscape design services for:
Healing Gardens, Residential Urban Design, Estate Gardening, Perennial Gardens, 3D Rendering, Drought Tolerant Landscaping, Intimate Garden Design, Landscape Design, Site Planning, Site Analysis and Plant Inventory, Planting Plans, Monument Re-design for HOA, Full Color CAD Plans, Before/After Images, Bid Review, Nursery Plant Selection, Plant Layout

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