What Type of Pool is Best for You?

What Type of Pool is Best for You?

Swimming pool contractors working on custom pool remodeling projects can help you determine what type of pool is best for you. Some families dream of large swimming spaces with adult lounge areas and slides for kids, while others dream of water features, custom lights for nighttime entertaining, and beautiful stonework. When you work with Milosi on a custom pool project, anything you can imagine for your outdoor space can be built. 

If you are dreaming of diving in but aren’t sure what is possible in your space, our designers can work with you to determine what type of pool will be best for you. 

Swimming Pool Contractors Explain Popular Types of Pools

Between fiberglass pools, concrete pools, plunge pools, saltwater pools, and so many other customizations, there are unlimited possibilities for your custom pool. Whatever you dream of, our focus on design allows us to create a beautiful, unique pool that complements your lifestyle. 

Here, we’re walking through popular types of pools we’ve built in the Nashville area to inspire your vision for your pool project. 

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Fiberglass Pools

A fiberglass pool is a low-maintenance, durable pool design option. Fiberglass pools are inert, meaning they don’t affect the pH of the water. Because they don’t affect the water chemistry, fiberglass pool owners save money on pool chemicals that are required to maintain the pH of other kinds of pools, like concrete pools. 

Fiberglass is an incredibly durable material, so there is no need to worry about dogs, debris, or other destructive wear and tear damaging the lining of your pool. 

The attractiveness of fiberglass pools are a big selling point for homeowners who want a more elegant pool design or are interested in custom features like ceramic tile, lighting design, spas, and fountains. 

We recommend fiberglass pools to homeowners who want a quicker installation, beauty, durability, and low upkeep and maintenance costs. 

Gunite Concrete Pools

The biggest benefit of pouring a concrete pool is the completely customizable shape. If you want a pool that is larger or deeper than a more standard pool design, a concrete pool is going to be your best bet. 

Like fiberglass pools, concrete pools are durable, and the surface won’t be damaged with use. 

With a concrete gunite pool, keep in mind that algae thrives in the rough surface of the concrete, so more chemicals are needed to keep the pool clean. 

If you can’t find a fiberglass pool shape that fits your needs, swimming pool contractors can create a custom gunite concrete pool design can fit your space and lifestyle perfectly. 

Saltwater vs Chlorinated Pools

One of the next things to determine is the kind of chlorinator you want for your pool. 

Some homeowners want saltwater pools to avoid the chlorine, but saltwater pools actually contain chlorine, just in much lower levels than traditional chlorine pools. 

Chlorine pools use less electricity and cost less to install, but they are harsh on hair and eyes, and can fade swimwear and gear over time. Alternatively, saltwater pools are gentler, making them a great choice for people who spend a lot of time swimming. They also require less attention and chemicals than chlorine pools. 

The upfront cost of installing a saltwater pool is usually offset by lower maintenance throughout the lifetime of the pool, so most homeowners decide between saltwater and traditional chlorine-based on the characteristics of the chemicals themselves. 

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Infinity Pools and Plunge Pools

Infinity pools are rapidly growing in popularity; the disappearing edges are luxurious and incredibly beautiful. Homeowners choose infinity pools for their calming effect; they look larger than life and the water flowing over the edges creates relaxing, ambient sound. 

Plunge pools are shallower, usually smaller pools designed primarily for relaxation. Homeowners who want the luxury of a pool without yard space to maintain choose plunge pools. 

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